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How could this happen without my knowledge and consent? ' This has been my life-long pursuit and I am fully satisfied with the answers I have reached. This is my only Jnana, yet people believe I am a Jnani. My Guru told me: "You are Brahman, you are all and everything. " I accepted my Guru's word as truth, and now, for forty odd years I have been sitting in this very room doing nothing except talking about it. Why do people come to me from distant lands? What a miracle! After pursuing my enquiry to its logical conclusion what have I arrived at?

No one has ever spoken words truer than these. Indeed that is the only truth and everything else is false. V: Sir, I would have thought that you were making fun of me. But the look on your face suggests that you could hardly be more serious. M: Now, please try to understand. You have done quite a bit of reading and you should be able to apprehend what I am saying. Try, and for a moment forget all that you have accumulated by way of knowledge, and grasp with an empty mind what I tell you — remember, an empty mind, empty, but keen; not just void and inert.

The limit of possible conceptualization — the abstract of mind — is noumenon, the infinity of the unknown. Noumenon, the only subject, objectifies itself and perceives the universe, manifesting phenomenally within itself, but apparently outside, in order to be a perceivable object. For the noumenon to manifest itself objectively as the phenomenal universe, the concept of space-time comes into operation because objects, in order to be cognizable, have to be extended in space by giving them volume and must be stretched in duration or time because otherwise they could not be perceived.

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