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By Paul Huang

Bitcoin is the 1st electronic foreign money in human historical past that doesn't require a valuable clearing authority. The technological implication of this invention is profound: it opens the opportunity of construction a totally disbursed economy the place no centralized professionals are had to behavior monetary transactions.

This e-book is the last word solution to the customarily requested, yet even-more-often unsatisfactorily spoke back query: HOW DOES BITCOIN WORK?

This is the 1st ebook that dissects the unique Bitcoin resource code written by means of Satoshi Nakamoto. It opens the Bitcoin black-box, examines all its components, and exhibits you all of the information you ever want to know concerning the Bitcoin system.

The complete publication has 10 chapters. This model you're approximately to buy includes the 1st four chapters.

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Paul Huang's A Dissection of Bitcoin PDF

Bitcoin is the 1st electronic forex in human heritage that doesn't require a important clearing authority. The technological implication of this invention is profound: it opens the potential of development a very allotted economic system the place no centralized experts are had to behavior monetary transactions.

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Vout[n]. prevout), we say that the i-th input of tx spends the n-th output of TxSource. COutPoint holds a hash code of type uint256, which is the hash of the source-transaction. We cover this class next. 1. h An uint256 holds a 256-bit hash code. It contains an unsigned int array of length 256/32=8 to hold the hash code. Another similar data structure uint160, defined in the same header file, holds a 160-bit hash code. It has an unsigned int array of length 160/32=5 to hold the hash code. These two classes share the same base class base_uint.

29: }; 30: class uint256 : public base_uint256 31: { 32: //...... 33: }; base_uint overloads many operators. These operator overload functions are not shown in here. They all work on the inner data storage array pn to implement their functions. One thing worth mentioning is that the three serialization member functions of base_uint (GetSerializeSize(), Serialize(), and Unserialize()) follow the same naming convention described in Chapter Serialization. So class base_uint and its derived classes can be integrated into the serialization/de-serialization chain explained in Chapter Serialization.

Cpp Here is the source code of SignSignature(). n]; 7: // Leave out the signature from the hash, since a signature can't sign itself. 8: // The checksig op will also drop the signatures from its hash. scriptPubKey, txTo, nIn)) 16: return false; 17: return true; 18: } First notice that this function have 5 parameters while in CreateTransaction() it is called with 3. h, the default values of the last 2 parameters are provided. 1: bool SignSignature(const CTransaction& txFrom, CTransaction& txTo, unsigned int nIn, int nHashType=SIGHASH_ALL, CScript scriptPrereq=CScript()); Here are the 3 arguments passed in by the caller CreateTransaction().

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