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By Ed Sobey

ISBN-10: 1569762651

ISBN-13: 9781569762653

Written for mechanical rookies who would possibly not understand their catalytic converters from their common joints, this sensible consultant is helping educate a simple knowing of ways vehicles functionality. units are grouped in line with their habitats—under the hood, contained in the motor vehicle, and more—to support establish the expertise in query. fixing car puzzles akin to the place precisely does a dipstick dip and what's rack and pinion guidance, this useful reference illuminates what’s happening lower than the hood with out all that dust and grease.

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You can see these brakes behind or through openings in the wheel. Because they are open to the air, they dissipate heat quickly. This is one of the advantages of disc brakes. Brakes can heat up to several hundred degrees in vigorous stopping and disc brakes cool faster than drum brakes, which are enclosed. In drum brakes, often found on the rear wheels, the braking action occurs inside the wheel drum. A curved brake shoe pushes outward against the brake drum to slow the car. Springs pull the shoe back when the brake pedal is released.

INSIDE THE CAR 41 828-CRP AutoTech_interiorR4 3/10/09 6:07 PM Page 42 Automatic Windshield Wipers B E H AV I O R Like magic they know when the windshield is wet and needs to be wiped dry. And they know how fast to swish the wipers depending on how heavy the rainfall is. H A B I TAT The sensor is most often located directly in front of the rearview mirror, on the inside of the windshield in the center. H O W I T WO R K S Looking at the sensor you can guess the general operation. Since it is on the inside of the windshield and has no apparent holes in the windshield, it must use light.

Wing mirrors help drivers see places that the rearview mirror doesn’t show. H A B I TAT They are attached to each of the front doors, near the forward edge. H O W I T WO R K S Do you remember the scene in the movie Jurassic Park when the Tyrannosaurus rex was chasing the car? ” As if the T-rex wasn’t close enough! Wing mirrors are not flat. They have a convex shape to capture images of a wider area. A consequence is that the images they reflect appear to be farther away than they actually are. Because drivers adjust the seat position to fit their bodies, wing mirrors have to be adjusted so they reflect light to the drivers’ eyes.

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