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This booklet is aimed toward a wide viewers: scientists, engineers, professors and scholars clever adequate to maintain a severe stance at any time when faced with the chilling dogmas of up to date physics. Readers will discover a tantalizing quantity of fabric calculated to nurture their ideas and arouse their suspicion, to some extent at the very least, at the so-called validity of latest such a lot celebrated actual theories.

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Quantity II/26 vitamins the former compilations II/l, II/9 and II/17 of the magnetic homes of unfastened radicals. a result of nonetheless quick progress of the sphere and the required inclusion of recent topics the amount is split into subvolumes to be able to look in quickly succession. including the sooner courses quantity II/26 deals an up to date and accomplished survey and number of constructions and knowledge at the very important chemical intermediates, particularly radicals, polyradicals and similar species corresponding to carbenes.

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Difficulties in electromagnetic propagation, specifically people with complicated geometries, have frequently been solved utilizing numerical equipment, reminiscent of the strategy of finite adjustments. regrettably the mathematical tools be afflicted by an absence of actual charm. The researcher or clothier usually loses sight of the physics underlying the matter, and alterations within the mathematical formula are frequently now not identifiable with any actual switch.

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5™"*=* d dr (183) Like the Eulerian particular derivative, the relativistic particular derivative is not linear here since the relativistic composition law of velocities is not linear. Only the Lagrangian and the path vector particular derivatives are linear operators which are associated to a linear composition law of velocities. 35 3 C H A N G E OF REFERENCE F R A M E 3-1-Change of reference frame without rotation It is often useful in physics to associate the motion of a point P to a moving reference frame whose axis remain parallel to those of a fixed reference frame.

In order to explain the physical origin of gamma, we shall extend the demonstration of the Lorentz transformation given by Elbaz to the three-dimensional space. Let us consider the sum of Fourier modes of the same frequency propagating in opposite direction in a given reference frame which are, in addition, the solution of a wave equation in the vacuum: *(ro, to) - cos(w0*o - ko • r 0 ) + cos(u>oto + k 0 • r 0 ) (21) It is well-known that the preceding equation can be rewritten in the form of a standing wave: ^(ro, to) = 2 cos(w0to) cos(k0 • r 0 ) (22) What distinguishes our approach from Elbaz's is that we now consider two waves propagating in the same reference frame, with different frequencies: *(r, t) = cos(u>it - ki • r) + cos(w2t + k 2 • r) (23) Let us now define the following quantities: u i = u + 0J3 LJ2 = w - 0J3 ki = k + k3 (24) k 2 = k — k3 (25) With such definitions, the standing wave of equation 23 can be rewritten in the form: *(r, t) = 2 cos(cot - k 3 • r) cos(w3t - k • r) (26) 12 ADVANCED ELECTROMAGNETISM AND VACUUM PHYSICS As u>3 < UJ, the phase shift u^dt — k • dr = 0 defines a group velocity U = dr/dt, thus leading to the relation W3 = k • U.

2-5-Length contraction and time dilation of a moving body We have shown that the function W keeps its shape during its motion in the laboratory frame. Therefore, an observer located in this frame is not capable of measuring the contraction of length. It has often been questioned whether the alteration of length and time is apparent or real. In fact, science does not recognize such a thing as an apparent effect. The French (10) comments on another interpretation of the time dilatation experiment are enlightening to understand why the use of such a concept leads to much confusion.

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