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Clearly their time is borrowed. Between formulas the movable -v and neglected digamma have become frequent; -v can be used to repair the damage of a lost digamma, but generally formulas ignore and presumably antedate the phonetic developments of the mature Ionic dialect. We may hypothesize that when a formula comes into existence its sense is vivid and apposite. That weakens in time by mere frequency of use, but as long as its elements remain part of the singer's regular vocabulary the formula is productive; it is moved, modified, expanded, and split to fit various sentence patterns, but within the themes to which it is appropriate.

In §iii; the minimal statements of §v would harden into verb + object formulas. 19 In the epic there are more of them and they are, at least to begin with, related to metre. 85-95), come into being directly from the subject matter of the narrative. The hexameter, however, is a long verse, and consequently the versifier finds a certain amplitude of style, towards which he is already drawn as narrator, useful. Formulas that embody a redundant element come into existence then as part of the epic style.

Prato, Miscellanea Filologica (Genoa 1978) 77-89. 27 Formulas constructed; their context, battle, is the staple of the Iliad. The odd thing is that they recur after a short interval and do not recur again. Clustering of verses, formulas, single words - is one of the phenomena of Homeric diction that neither Parry's model of formular composition nor its offshoots explain. The obvious explanation is psychological; what the singer has sung remains for some time near the surface of his mind. 564 cos TE OKGOAOS .

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