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The words were printed on a broadside, or single sheet of paper, and sold for a penny apiece. Whoever bought the sheet simply fitted the words to a popular tune. At least one out of three broadside songs dealt with political and military events, such as the American Revolution. ” And still others portrayed such calamities as “The Dreadful Hurricane at New Orleans,” to say nothing of murders, piracy, and Indian warfare. Music for home entertainment was popularly known as parlor music because it was usually performed in the parlors of homes.

It was the congressmen from other sections of the new United States, especially those from west of the Allegheny Mountains, who favored it. Both at the time and in the decades since, the War of 1812 is often portrayed as one fought primarily over the United States’s maritime rights and relations. In fact, only by looking closely at Americans’ dealings with the inhabitants of the western territories—both Native Americans and British—can the true causes of the war be understood. ” Those words of a future president of the United States, William Henry Harrison, were used to describe Tekamthi, the great leader of the Shawnee Indian nation.

At midnight, the Indians surrounded the American encampment. They waited quietly for four hours and then began moving forward. But before they could pierce the enemy lines, an alert American sentry fired a warning shot, and the battle was joined. Ordinarily, the Indians would have advanced gradually, taking cover behind trees and large rocks before making the next move forward. But the night before, the Prophet had told his followers that he had put a spell on the Americans that weakened their ability to defend themselves.

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