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Such boats were generally nothing more than large, floating, wooden boxes. The overall dimensions of the boats differed depending on how they were to be used, sometimes ranging in size from 20 to 100 feet in length and from 10 to 25 feet wide. Hammered together out of rough hardwoods, the sides of most flatboats could stop a bullet fired from shore. Such fears were focused less on the potential for Indian attack than on the possibilities of attack by river pirates. Most flatboats were on the smaller side, measuring about 12 or 14 feet wide and about 50 feet in length.

In its first decade of operation, the Erie Canal collected nearly $10 million in tolls, more than the entire cost of the building project itself. States jealously watched and hurriedly moved into the canal-building business. Between 1820 and 1840, over $200 million was spent on canals, and the majority of that sum was raised and spent by the states themselves. New canals connected destinations within Massachusetts; linked Philadelphia to Pittsburgh; and dotted the landscapes of frontier sites from Ohio to Illinois.

10. 11. 12. Mohawk chief during the American Revolutionary War Virginia governor who, in 1774, encouraged a war with the Shawnee to gain their land Trans-Appalachian territory which became the 14th state in the Union in 1792 Authorized by President Washington to establish a trail across Ohio in 1796 Gravel-topped road established across Pennsylvania in 1790s Name denoting the handle of an axe A type of inexpensive metal produced by combining copper and tin; used by frontiersmen Practice of removing a ring of bark from the base of a tree to cause it to die Temporary, open-sided structure built by pioneer families Cabin floor consisting of split logs laid down with the rounded half toward the ground Cherokee war chief who destroyed a dozen frontier settlement during summer of 1776 Treaty under which the Cherokees ceded large tract of land on upper Tennessee River A.

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