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By Michal A.D., Botsford J.L.

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Simply stated, this consists of constructing the so-called outer and inner expansions by iterating the Navier–Stokes equations between an outer inviscid solution (that does not satisfy the no-slip condition on the body) and an inner solution (that satisfies the no-slip condition on the body) and matching them in their overlapping region of validity. Tani (1977) provides an excellent historical perspective on boundary-layer theory. 3 Compressible Fluid Dynamics Equations This section begins with the most general form of the fluid dynamics equations considered in this text, namely, the compressible Navier–Stokes equations.

1. ) Note that only the anisotropic part of the Reynolds stress is modeled. The isotropic part 1 δij 3 3 Rkk k=1 can be absorbed into the pressure for incompressible flow (but not, of course, for compressible flow). One improvement to this model that is often employed is the dynamic Smagorinsky model , which was proposed by Germano, Piomelli, Moin and Cabot (1991) and refined by Lilly (1992). This uses filters with two different widths to make the “constant” Cs depend upon time and usually also upon ¯ one also employs a larger space.

Since the early 1960s, the asymptotic theories have been supplanted in practical applications by numerical solutions of the governing differential equations. See (Drazin and Reid (2004), Schmid and Henningson (2001), and Criminale, Jackson and Joslin (2003) for a thorough coverage of fluid dynamics stability. In applications to flows past such vehicles as aircraft and submarines, a limitation of the linear theory is that although it can predict the critical value of the Reynolds number at which instability commences, it can predict neither where the laminar boundary layer will start to break down (transition onset) nor where the laminar-turbulent transition will be complete.

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