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Glance now at what is given in your aspect of those revealed works, on the position they're being seen from. notwithstanding you've been looking out the cosmos from a while, you'll by no means discover a Room as spacious, as deep, as excessive and large as this. it's the throne room of this majesty; the king of all kings... our Osho.

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So they didn't think about it at all, but when they came and Mulla looked and they were empty-handed, he felt angry, frustrated, and he said, 'What! Have you forgotten your old father, your poor old father's birthday? ' The child... at that moment you could have looked into his eyes, and this eighty-year-old man was not there, just a child waiting for some toys. ' Mulla Nasruddin said, 'I reckon I will forgive you, because it seems this forgetfulness runs in our family. ' He was really angry. So they all three shrieked in unison, and they said, 'What!

In deep sleep for a few moments when you are absolutely unconscious you become one. This same oneness is needed with a conscious and alert mind. As you are in deep sleep -no thought, no distinction of good and bad, heaven and hell, God and the devil, no distinction of any sort, you simply ARE, but unconscious -- this has to be attained while you are alert and conscious. Samadhi, the final, the ultimate, the utter meditation, is nothing but deep sleep with full consciousness. Deep sleep you attain, so the only thing to be attained is more and more consciousness.

The society says if you kill yourself it is okay, it is your concern, but don't kill anybody else -- and as far as society goes that is okay. So either you become aggressive or you become repressive. Religion says both are wrong. The basic thing that is needed is to become aware and to know the secret of this energy, anger, this inner electricity. It is electricity because you become hot; when you are angry your temperature goes hot, and you cannot understand the coolness of a buddha, because when anger is transformed into compassion everything is cool.

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