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The reason is that most problems of this kind can be solved more easily and with less likelihood of error if the calculation is performed algebraically, leaving the arithmetical values to be substituted at the end. For Fig. 24 (a) the resultant force is clearly upward, and the equation of motion is: P - W== maL Remember that F, in the general equation, is the net or resultant force on the body. P is given. W is obtained from the product of m and g. As usual, the 50 Applied Mechanics Made Simple value of g may be taken as 9-81 metres per second per second.

It is a known fact that all bodies subjected only to the pull of gravity at any given place on the Earth's surface fall at the same rate of acceleration. This was proved experimentally by Galileo (although the story of his dropping heavy bodies from the Leaning Tower of Pisa is almost certainly not founded on fact). If bodies do not fall with the same acceleration, the reason is that they are subjected to forces other than the pull of gravity—usually the resistance of the air. The resulting acceleration due to gravity has been determined with high accuracy in various parts of the world and at various altitudes.

B) Pointer movement of a spring balance against weight. (c) Mercury movement of a thermometer against temperature. id) Volume of a cube against length of side. (e) Pressure of a quantity of gas against volume, temperature remaining constant. (/) Pointer movement against weight for a pendulum-type scale. 44 Applied Mechanics Made Simple the relationship between the quantities is not linear, it is often possible to find a relationship which is. For example, instead of Fig. 22 (d) we could draw a graph of volume V against (length of side, x)3; we should then obtain a straight line, as you can easily check for yourself.

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