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By Rose Sinclair; Hermione Lewis

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You should show how you have thought about the needs of the end user and evaluate your strengths and weaknesses. cc You should consider how your materials, components and processes have ‘combined’ to form a quality product that is fit for purpose. Refer to the working properties of the materials to support your decisions. cc You need to outline realistic and detailed modifications to your work. Use sketches with notes, as well as modelling, to support your points. Any improvements you make should be creative and refer to innovation, environmental and sustainability issues.

In 1982, he was the first fashion designer ever to be featured on the cover of the American magazine Art Form, which included a model wearing a bodice in rattan and bamboo (designed by a craftsman on Sado Island). In 1993, his range ‘Pleats Please’ was launched using a pioneering new manufacturing technique — a pleating machine. The A-POC creations were launched in 1997, using a revolutionary process that enabled customers to cut different garments from a single, continuous roll of cloth woven on computerised looms.

It explains how successful your final product is and if it matches the specifications. Remember, you need to refer back to your design brief/task and to your specification in order to see how well your product matches them. You should have tested your product to ensure it matches your criteria. For example, if your specification states that your product has a hand-painted floral panel on the middle of the dress, state whether the product has and, if not, say why not. Is the fabric suitable? Have you kept within the costing?

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AQA GCSE design and technology : textiles technology by Rose Sinclair; Hermione Lewis

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