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By John McRay

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Noting the very most up-to-date reveals and methods, a number one archaeologist explores what's referred to now of the recent testomony global and what archaeology can and can't let us know approximately it.

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217-21). Several other modern techniques hold out some prospect for help in dating but at present are suffering growing pains. 39 Archaeomagnetism is a process that measures the amount of magnetism in a ceramic vessel that has been remagnetized by the earth's magnetic field after having been completely demagnetized when it was fired in a kiln. It is theoretically possible to determine the date of the demagnetization by measuring the direction and intensity of the remagnetization. Thermoluminescence is a technique that measures the amount of energy given off in the form of light when a ceramic vessel is reheated after having been fired sometime in the past.

Other examples of this feature may be seen at Capua and Pozzuoli, though not at Pompeii. The entire arena could be sealed off and filled with water for the Pompeii's stone amphitheater seated twenty thousand. 61 The Architecture of New Testament Tnnes The Flavian Amphitheater in Rome, better known as the Colosseum, was an elaborate structure designed using all three architectural orders. 62 production of mock navy battles (naumachiae), Many amphitheaters in the Empire were eventually modified in the third century A,D, for this purpose, A huge awning operated by a detachment of sailors housed nearby provided shade for the spectators.

Theaters were usually large enough to handle virtually the whole population of a city. The one at Ephesus, for example, would seat more than twenty thousand. 52 The horizontal sections, in turn, were divided into wedge-shaped sections (KEKptOEC;) by narrow vertical stairways. As early as the fourth century special seats of honor were built among the first few rows. These seats were called thronoi (8povot) or cathedrae (Ku8eopat). Sixty 52 City Layouts and Civic Strnctures of them may still be seen in the Dionysus Theater in Athens; fourteen were found in place.

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