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dissociation, E, of a dimer into monomers and that, E', of a trimer right into a dimer and a monomer. The saw pace distribution for a beam of sodium iodide is proven in Fig. 23. The monomer and dimer distributions, that are all the type of Eq. (9. 2), are individually proven. The sum of the 2 assumed distributions is obvious to trust the experimental facts. the knowledge for lithium bromide are proven in Fig. 24. The separate distributions for the monomer, dimer, and trimer required to slot the knowledge are proven as is the sum of those distributions. An try and describe the saw distribution when it comes to a monomer and a dimer basically is proven by means of the dotted line, the place the relative quantities of those species were adjusted to offer a healthy at the low speed part of the spectrum. desk 2. precis oj facts at the measure of organization oj diatomic molecules. the information at the fluorides are from unpublished result of M. EISENSTADT, G. ROTHBERG and P. KUSCH. Uncertainties in E and E' are given in parentheses. E E' Temperature okay I ----- ----" Species at which a2 a, kcaljmole p~10-2mmHg RbCl 866 zero. 063 forty eight. zero (0. five) I KCI zero. 083 897 45·8 (0. 7) I KI 823 zero. 046 , 45·3 (0·9) NaC] 920 zero. 259 forty four. 6 (0·9) i NaI 817 zero. 235 38. 6 (3-4) LiC] 2.

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05 Xi 0- 24 erg· gauss-I). If the energy is a linear function of the magnetic field, the magnetic moment is constant. This condition is often approximated with the deflecting magnets when the fields are sufficiently large so that the angular momenta are more strongly coupled to the field than to one another. To achieve this condition for atoms, the interaction with the extemal field must be large compared to the hyperfine structure interaction between the electronic and nuclear angular momenta (usually the magnetic dipole hfs interaction), and for molecules in the 1£ state, the extemal I field interaction must be large compared to I I the interaction between the rotational and I I I nuclear angular momenta (usually the electric I quadrupole interaction).

It is to be noted that the pressure of residual gas in the apparatus is usually many times the pressure in the beam at the position of the detector. Thus consider a source within which the density of particles is n per cm 3 . If the particles effuse through 1 No attempt was made to obtain highly precise vapor pressure-temperatnre data in this experiment. A survey of the vapor pressure data on the alkali halides is given in L. BREWER, Chemistry and Metallurgy of Miscellaneous Materials: Thermodynamics, edit.

91, 828 (1953). 6 G. W. HUGHES: Phys. Rev. 95,1451 (1954). 7 WEINREICH, TUCKER and HUGHES: Phys. Rev. 87, 229 (1952). 8 DRAKE" HUGHES and LURIO: Bull. Amer. Phys. Soc. [II] 2, 37 (1957). 32 P. K U SCH and V. W. HUGH E S: Atomic and Molecular Beam Spectroscopy. Sect. 15. wire and passed into an electrometer circuit with a minimum detectable current of about 10-16 ampere. 15. Detection by universal ionizer using electron bombardment. A detector which depends on the ionization of the components of a beam 1 (see Fig.

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