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By Christopher Duffy

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Certain rationalization of the 1805 conflict of Austerlitz. outcome was once a tremendous French victory through Napoleon over the Emperors of Austria and Russia.

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On 29 September, when the eastward march was well under way. Napoleon proclaimed to the Grande Artnde: 'Soldiers, the War of the Third Coalition has begun. The Austrian army has crossed the Inn, violating international law. '® Without too much poetic exaggeration, the descent of the Grande Arm4e from the Rhine to the Danube may be compared with a tornado, twisting its way out of the sky, and curling downwards to work chaos and destruction on the earth. The start line along the Rhine measured 160 miles.

The carabiniers and the armoured cuirassiers counted as heavy cavalry, whose job was to deal massive hammer blows on the battlefield. The dragoons, or medium cavalry, were a versatile breed, capable of fighting alongside the heavy cavalry, but also trained to provide escorts in the rear, to carry out raids and reconnaissances, and even to operate on foot with their muskets. The light cavalryman-the chasseurs d cheval and the hussarscould also play a dashing role on the battlefield, but thek true qualities were best shown in tasks requiring speed and mobility away from the main body of the army.

As a youngish officer he was fortunate enough to come under the wing of the all-powerful Field-Marshal Lacy, and he entered the 1790s with a title of nobility and the reputation for being a first-class staff ofiicer. After a spell of service in the Flanders campaigns, Mack earned himself further favourable attention in 1794, when he brought out his Imtructionspmcte fur Generals, a work which breathed the spirit of the offensive. People began to entertain their first doubts about Mack's judgment when he commanded the Neapolitan army in a disastrous campaign in 1799.

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