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Leopold vintage Library is extremely joyful to put up this vintage ebook as a part of our vast assortment. As a part of our on-going dedication to supplying worth to the reader, we have now additionally supplied you with a hyperlink to an internet site, the place you'll obtain a electronic model of this paintings at no cost. a number of the books in our assortment were out of print for many years, and hence haven't been obtainable to most people.

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Beginning Thoughts 31 Sarah's mother was correct: for her child's "po" eating to become more consistent, the youngster would need to learn that her effort, that is, swallowing food by mouth, was the action that brought about a reduction of hunger. Once that lesson was learned, the child would be in a better position to successfully and appropriately direct her own eating behavior. Caution: Be considerate of the child's perception of being fed. Attempts at "po" feeding were often thwarted by the children because they seemed wary of having someone place something, not of their choosing, into their mouths.

They show us clearly that these involved children, by way of their behavior, are telling us something important: children who stop eating, or perhaps never start, do not make such a radical choice whimsically. Their behaviors are adaptive and purposive: the children are attempting either to avoid something they see as unpleasant, or gain access to something they value. George, Stephanie, Sarah, Jimmy, Jesse, Alan, Birch, and Justin, as representatives of all children who fail to consume enough nourishment to maintain growth and health, are sending their parents and med- Beginning Thoughts 25 ical teams a clear message.

The youngster began to scream and thrash when the sound of the high chair, as it rubbed across the kitchen floor, reached her ears. Believing it would be unwise to work with the child under the present circumstances, I asked Mother to return to her chair in the family room. The child quieted almost instantly. With the youngster's eyes following me, I quickly walked into the kitchen, found a small spoon that I cupped out of sight in my hand, then I returned to sit near the child. Once the youngster had involved herself in play, I brought the spoon into sight, placing it on my thigh, some 4 feet from the child.

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Bakugan Field Open!

by David

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