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By John Sanger

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ISBN-13: 9780409900378

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If electronic components were drawn the way they look in reality, schematics would be much larger, more cumbersome, and more difficult to read. The language you speak is symbology. Words without reference keys mean nothing. For example, if you heard the word "klarn" you would not know what it means. You would have no reference point. (Klarn is not a real word. " Some of you will not. It is a real word. Whether or not it symbolizes anything to you depends on a reference point or definition. ) "Stop" is a word almost everyone recognizes.

If you get a 3-volt reading, the batteries are good and the problem lies elsewhere in the circuit. c d _D . MAK€ v \ : / 7 \ . OUTPUT- P^Bv>/RiTT£^t o "ΐοε/ΡΥ / Ό + A ö£f -PA*€ A Figure 3—10. Standard flowchart symbols help to promote uniformity. Schematics, Other Diagrams, and More Symbols 43 In this simple circuit, there are only three other components: the lamp, the switch, and the conductor (wire). Deductive reasoning tells you if the batteries are good, one of the other components is bad. Because current must flow through the bulb for the flashlight to operate, you might test for a good bulb.

Circuit breakers act like fuses, but they can be reset manually. RELAYS Automatic switching can be achieved by using relays. Most relays consist of two parts, a coil and a switch. When voltage is applied to a relay's coil, a switch is engaged and/or disengaged—either making or breaking an electrical connection. Relays can be found with the four basic switch types (SPST, SPDT, DPST, DPDT). Figure 2 - 2 6 shows schematic symbols for these relay types. FUSES AND CIRCUIT BREAKERS A switching device used to protect sensitive electronic circuits is a fuse, which is a thin piece of wire encased in a glass tube.

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