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RUSSELL AND THE LINGUISTIC PHILOSOPHY it truly is in most cases said that Bertrand Russell performed an important function within the so-called "revolution" that has taken position in 20th century Anglo-American philosophy, the revolution that has led many philo­ sophers almost to equate philosophy with a few kind - or types - of linguistic research. His contributions to this revolution have been ­ fold: (I) including G. E. Moore he led the winning insurrection opposed to the neo-Hegelianism of Idealists resembling Bradley and McTaggert; (2) back with Moore he supplied a lot of the impetus for a a little bit progressive means of doing philosophy. (I) and (2) are, after all, shut­ ly comparable, because the new means of philosophizing might be stated to consti­ tute, largely, the riot opposed to Idealism. Be this because it may possibly, how­ ever, the real truth for current attention is that Russell used to be an incredible impression in turning Anglo-American philosophy within the course it has therefore taken - towards what could be termed, particularly common­ ly, the "linguistic philosophy. " regrettably, notwithstanding his significance as a precursor of the linguistic philosophy is recognized, the right feel during which Russell himself might be thought of a "philosopher of language" has no longer, to the current time, been sufficiently clarified. important beginnings were made towards an research of this query, yet they've been, withal, basically commence­ nings, and not anything like an sufficient photograph of Russell's total philoso­ phy of language is shortly available.

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Download PDF by Robert J. Clack (auth.): Bertrand Russell’s Philosophy of Language

RUSSELL AND THE LINGUISTIC PHILOSOPHY it truly is ordinarily stated that Bertrand Russell performed an essential position within the so-called "revolution" that has taken position in 20th century Anglo-American philosophy, the revolution that has led many philo­ sophers almost to equate philosophy with a few sort - or kinds - of linguistic research.

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It may be difficult, perhaps it is impossible, to define all our words in terms of words designating objects known by acquaintance, but it is the goal for which we should set our sights. Insofar as this is not accomplished, insofar as we fail to show, in principle at least, how we can define constituent-words in terms of words which "represent the hard core of experience by which our sentences are attached to the world," we fail to provide for them, and for the propositions in which they occur, a genuine meaning.

46. , p. 207. ' This describes the table by means of the sense-data. " 1 From this passage it is evident, I think, how knowledge by description is fundamentally different from knowledge by acquaintance. In order to know the physical object, even to know that it exists, it must be possible to relate the knowledge we have by acquaintance (of sensedata) with certain "truths" which we bring with us to our experience of the external world. As stated above, this means, for Russell, that knowledge of physical objects is not genuine knowledge; it rests on assumptions and inferences which might conceivably be mistaken.

One can only conclude that when he makes statements of this sort he is speaking somewhat loosely and is not thinking of acquaintance in the strict sense discussed above. " 1 In the case of someone else, however, a quite different situation obtains. A person who knows Bismarck is not, strictly speaking, acquainted with Bismarck himself. "What this person was acquainted with were certain sense-data which he connected (rightly, we will suppose) with Bismarck's body. His body, as a physical object, and still more his mind, were only known as the body and the mind connected with these sense-data.

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