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By Bettelheim, Bruno; Fisher, David James; Bettelheim, Bruno; Ekstein, Rudolf

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?A self-declared 'critical admirer? and ultimate convinced of Bruno Bettelheim, David James Fisher succeeds with as balanced and nuanced a portrayal as turns out attainable of the nature, the lifetime contributions, and the ultimate justifications of a such a lot debatable psychoanalytic eminence. Bettelheim used to be right away the heart of significant expert polemics, and whilst, the psychoanalyst who, after Sigmund Freud  Read more...

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Written from an independent and free thinking position, one which indicates his debt to and identification with Freud, especially the late Freud, Bettelheim did not disguise his animus toward establishment psychoanalysis in America. Psychoanalysis, he emphasized, was never designed to move in the direction of social accommodation or adaptation to the prevailing opinions, conformist values, or anxieties of any civilization. In the midst of the contemporary malaise of psychoanalysis, the essay is an eloquent testimony to the need for humaneness, truthfulness, compassion, and courage on the part of the psychoanalytic researcher and practitioner in pursuit of the buried meanings of 28 BETTELHEIM: LIVING AND DYING humanity’s inner life.

Along with other members of his generation, like Hannah Arendt, Franz Neumann, Arthur Koestler, and George Orwell, Bettelheim connected the Holocaust to a critique of totalitarianism. He emphasized the psychological dimensions of this terrifying and sadomasochistic relationship of master and slave. The deepest lesson of the concentration camps was the ways in which modern mass society, with its scientific and technological resources, could extinguish a sense of individuality, and could demolish an individual’s sense of self.

Although he does not cite his predecessors, Bettelheim’s critique of the faulty translations in The Standard Edition is not new. 23 English translator James Strachey mentioned the “deficiencies” and the “irremediable” faults of his efforts in the 1966 “General Preface” to The Standard Edition. Strachey was aware of the untranslatable verbal points in Freud’s writings, especially in the autobiographical works like The Interpretation of Dreams and The Psychopathology of Everyday Life. 25 At first glance, Bettelheim seems harsh in criticizing the Herculean enterprise of making Freud’s complete psychological works available in English.

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